Corporate Overview


As it is difficult to isolate business and the environment, Gloabtel Convergence Ltd. (GTCL), decided to make environment its business.


Corporate Social Responsibility to Gloabtel means creating innovative solutions that conserve the environment…Green Solutions from Gloabtel.


With a business experience of over 5 decades, the Morakhia group comes with significant expertise in manufacturing and research. GTCL has pioneered a number of technologies and has created a niche for itself in the modern energy sector. With decades of experience, GTCL are now providers for B2B process solutions with information technology as the key driver.


The power and energy sectors have benefitted by using innovative solutions spread across the three divisions:


Recognising the Gloabtel strength of manufacturing, research, understanding the market dynamics as well as successfully adapting products to suit the Indian sub-continent; Elektromed, Turkey - the fourth largest meter manufacturer in the world has entered into a joint venture with Gloabtel to manufacture energy meters in Gujarat, India.


The company specialises in embedded technology and solutions for the utility companies as well as other industries.


Products, in each division leverage information technology to deliver solutions that are state-of-the-art, practical, customised to specific applications yet meeting varied budget requirements.


Quality systems comply with ISO 9001:2008. With the right balance of in-house and out-sourced manufacturing, the 50-man strong team at Gloabtel continues to be nimble footed to quickly adapt to the changing dynamics of the market. Gloabtel has achieved a 30% yearon- year growth consistently for the past 5 years.


New Vistas

In addition to the B2B markets, the B2C segment has presented a fast growing market well accepting the recognised Gloabtel solutions for energy monitoring and conservation.


Utility automation solutions for industries, malls, IT parks, residential complexes and townships offer Gloabtel another niche for both, its products and services.


Due to the growing market penetration by LEDs, LED lighting and solar panel lighting have been recent additions to the Gloabtel product repertoire.